January 14, 2010

bettin' on scale tippers

the biggest question on everyone’s mind, obviously, is:

who will win biggest loser this season?!?!

as popular as this show is, i, shockingly, only know 2 people who watch it regularly, and live...because hulu a week later doesn’t count miss mimi.

So i queried these 2 people for their early in the season bets on who will lose more excess fat but...not necessarily excess skin.

vc: who of these larger folk will take the cake this season? (MmMMm, cake)
hank: i say that guy.
vc: that guy, who?
hank: the guy with the white hair and beard. in the black shirt.
vc: noted. on what have you based this proclamation?
hank: nothin’ - my gut feeling i guess.
vc: your gut? not his?
hank: yeah, mine.

vc: and you, who do you think will win this season?
vc: oh, um, i didnt know you would ask me this. i’m not quite prepared...
vc: oh c’mon! you know you’ve been all up in these last two eps.
vc: ok, i’ll go with that orange shirt guy, Darris. I like his curls.

hank: that’s a dumb reason.

yeah, because he's got the monopoly on good reasoning.

c’mon darris, let’s prove the hank wrongity, wrong, wrong, wrong.

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