January 22, 2010

advisory remarks

I just wrote, for the very first time, on any email or other correspondence: please advise.

For the record, I hate this phrase. I can't really say why except to site that an old client of mine, ahem, dumbass L from dumbass E, (oo, i'm bad, so bad) used it constantly. She used it for everything…"will you be on the call today? please advise." "did you get my voicemail from 30 seconds ago? please advise." "am I a dumbass? please advise."

Almost a year has passed since I've had to suffer through her inane inquiries and it seems the frustration has flittered away, back to the dark hole whence it came. So maybe I'll start using it more often, you never know when it comes to work.

Have a happy weekend reader roos!

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