December 13, 2009

san francisco treats

most of us don't travel enough. and by us, i mean myself and the hank. so to rectify this abomination, i surprised him this weekend with a quick getaway to san francisco - a place to which he had never been. we flew out on saturday morning and got back this evening; it was practically perfect in every way.

and now, a telling of said trip by way of photographed moments...

can someone please fix the formatting so adding multiple pictures to a post doesn't make me want to start a new blog on wordpress???!!!!!! ahhhhhh!! it's amazing i have any hair left.


  1. I think you just type "
    " (for a line break) as your html code to space the pictures? I could be wrong... but it is possible.

    Also, I LOVE the pictures! I'm so glad it was great. I'm sure Kevin thought today "damn, how did I get stuck at Disneyland and Henry got to go to San Fran."

  2. ah it didn't work because I can html code in the comments so it's invisible to the naked eye. damn blogger is good... ha.

  3. yeah, i was about to go into html mode but i was already waaaay too tired and frustrated to work with code. plus, it was late. next time, i'll try that first! :) thanks c!