December 17, 2009

potties and bandaids

first and foremost, to expound on my potty talk last post...i heard the first of these quandries on my way to work that day (talk radion rules!) and the second is something I seriously wonder about. (i alternate on the flap direction, if you're curious.) now, some may get a little squeamish with potty talk. myself, however, i looove to talk dirty, ha!, but seriously, i do. we all use the loo, we all know what happens in there, let's get rid of this taboo! (rhyming rules!)

now, on to more pressing issues. i went to the doctor the other day. AHHHH!

i have been informed that i 1. have high cholesterol - which i think was code for "you're fat, vicki" 2. am vitamin D deficient - which i took to mean that i should go the beach more, and 3. need to get a tetanus shot - which made me think of dirty, rusty nails, which in turn,  made me laugh

well, we addressed number 3 right away and i was a champ because i don't mind shots; i don't even mind needles. (insert crack cocaine joke here? psh, i don't even know if that makes any sense) but let me just say that i may have to change my mind now because MOMMY! MY ARM REALLY HUUUURTS!

i say! i keep looking for the huge bruise that must certainly be there, for the open sore that is bleeding and pussing, causing this unjust, violent reaction. but, no. there is no bruise, no blood, no scar even. only a two day old bandaid. i am a wuss.

on the brighter side, the first two diagnonsenses have inspired me to be healthy!! see, if the doc tells me to, i can, i can, i can! so, working out has commenced along with salads, fruits, veggies, brown rice
and lots of daily supplements. suppies?

onto the skinny, oh, i mean healthy, future i go! now, if this arm pain will just leave me be. hmfph.


  1. Regarding the toilet seat cover, I alway arrange in the same direction. That is flap open in front, attached at the back. To me, the cover is shaped to be placed this way and it would not fit correctly in the opposite direction!

    I must say that I have enjoyed thinking about this. Before now, I would have assumed everyone did it the way I did! But PLEASE do not tell me that you have the toilet paper coming from the back of the roll...