December 15, 2009

the manner of the months

since the year is almost over and i'm constantly struggling to realize this fact, i am often referring to calendars. email calendars, iPhone calendars, wall calendars..etc.
when i don't have a calendar handy to snap me into reality, i use the one in my head. it looks like this:

january february march april may june july august september october november december

when december comes around, we're at the end of the line. we'll jump back to the front, the beginning, when january comes. and when it's june, we're in the middle of the linear year. (as i see it)

this makes me wonder how everyone else views the calendar in their it linear like mine? is it circular like a clock? vertical as a list might be?

maybe how you see the months says absolutely nothing about you or about how you think but it's still neat to wonder. to take note of that simple fact that what may be completely natural and normal for us might be unheard of for others. and since it's the season of giving, what better gift than perspective?

other comparison curiosities: do you stand or sit when you, ahem, wipe? do you place the toilet seat cover so that the flap folds towards you or away from you??

all very crucial topics. so, let's hear it. what is natural for you?



  1. I think I see the year as a list. And stars by my favorite months.


    yeah that looks right. :)

  2. haha! i love that. i wish i had stars in mine...wah.