December 8, 2009

get jingy with it. ya'll.

i just discovered something so totally fabulous that i demand everyone get it NOW.

it's called Jing. At work, I've been plagued by the limits of Windows and it's lack of screen grab. At home,
Mac makes it very simple and lovely to grab any part of my screen to save as a jpg. and i love and use it often. but here, it's been mucho difficult. until today...thanks C!

now, i'm sure i'm not among the first to use Jing. heck, maybe it's officially old news but! since it's new to me,
it's gotta be new to others out there too! unite slow motioners! - go there and download it for free. you will be able to grab anything on your screen, save it, copy it, add fun little arrows, highlights, text to it. and then simply paste it into an email or add it to an artboard. i mean, really windows - why doesn't this come standard!? of course, you can download it for Mac too. and the fun little gadgets are not to be ignored, even on the more stacked mac.
stacked mac, holler.

to top the whole thing off, once downloaded, you'll see this lovely little bubble appear on your desktop. mine is at the top, center of my screen and so to me, it is the sun. shining it's facilitating light all over my work day. MmmMMM, it's warm in here.

enjoy!! disfruta!!

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