December 21, 2009

egg sauce chun and daemons

today's month and day is a palindrome. i like palindromes, they're neat and tidy.
today is also a monday, a munday, a mundaaaayne. it's not so often that these days take a hold of me and dictate how i will feel but today has been rough, soo tired, egg sauce everywhere. and it's not because i had a rockin' weekend either.

i did, however, give blood on saturday morning which i could still be fatigued from, right? yeah, if i play my cards right, i can even get out of christmas festivities! "oh, i'm still so tired and light headed from giving blood...ouch, owww, ooo, eeek. i think i'll just stay home and rest. errrgghh" would play out something like that.

if i had my own daemon, i would send it in my place to work, to run errands, to socialize, to do just about everything.

speaking of daemons, i found this funny little test to find out what my daemon would be, ya know, if i were a character in The Golden Compass.
you did know what i was referring to, right?

turns out, the best candidates for me are: Jay, Terrier, Go-Away Bird, Turaco, Mockingbird, Amazon Parrot (yeah, that's an amazing parrot, not just any old average parrot) apparently, it's bird daemons for the "opinionated soul" ...that's what i am. the internet told me.

wait, is a terrier a bird or a dog?

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