December 28, 2009

christmas ends. contemplation begins?

Christmas festivities have come to a close and so exhausted am I. Even now, sitting in bed, listening to Easton, the pup, chew to his heart’s content on his new rawhide (thanks allison!), I can barely keep my eyes open.

and i’ve already braved a day back at work. work.

i wrote a post today that i might submit tomorrow. i read and re-read it all day, wondering if it was too bleak for the holidays, too dramatic for someone with a job when many have none. i worried that it might appear as though i don’t appreciate what i have or that i am bad-mouthing a perfectly fantastic organization. im still nervous now, just talking about it.

i hope its none of the above. i hope that maybe it conveys the same feelings others may feel about life sometimes. i hope that i have the balls to hit the “publish” button tomorrow.

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