December 11, 2009

aaand the winner for best dressing rooms* is....

TJ effing Maxx. (to be specific, the one on 3355 Rosecrans St. in San Diego) and I know, who'd have thunk it!?! but ladies and gents, it's true and it took me completely by surprise. i was at lunch today, shoppin' (because why waste that time actually eating??)and discovered this lovely truth. and as a woman, i find the dressing room to be an extremely essential part of the purchasing process.

so surprised i was to find the most flattering backstage vanity lights lining the mirror, the cutest little red leathered ottoman on which to sit or place things AND a bazillion hooks. i cannot believe how few hooks you'll find in most dressing rooms...hello!? where am i supposed to hang my purse? how do i make a No section? where will i hang my clothes so they're not on the dirty floor!?!
thanks tj, for gettin' it right.

to reward the maxx, i bought 2 pairs of jeans and 2 jackets.

you're welcome.

*best in this caliber of store. i'm sure if i went to any store where i get champagne, their dressing room would inevitably take the prize. and why wouldn't it, really.

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  1. it's true! I experienced it for the first time a few weeks ago. I actually think it made me want to buy more things than I usually do.

    Great lighting for sure!