December 29, 2009

meltdown 101

you know those people on american idol that try out and are absolutely horrible but in complete denial because their parents have told them for years that they could sing well?

i am having that moment, over and over again at my new job. i have a new empathy for those folks. those poor, mislead american idol rejects. i am one of them now and im starting a club. it will be called: The I Don't Know Shit and I Never Did Sad Kids Club. (i know, i know, you're dying to join)

i have forever been told how smart i am, how capable, how exemplary and fast learning...but, now, i am sure that every person in my life up until now has been lying. it becomes increasingly clearer to me each day that i am slow to learn, hard to please, silly and insignificant in the workplace. (and maybe in life) all my previous experience has become obsolete and irrelevant. i am 14 again, freshman year, learning to stay afloat in a scary and unforgiving environment. i am failing.

i am so aware of this fact that i am turning into a paranoid schizo. im positive that everyone around me knows it and frequently discusses it - that everyone is lying about what they know to my face and that i am going to find my face on a billboard someday with the caption: don't hire this imbecil.

in happier news, i got my most desired present of all time for chreeesmas!

merlot. hunter. boots.

now, to recall that rain dance i once learned at fifth grade camp...

December 28, 2009

christmas ends. contemplation begins?

Christmas festivities have come to a close and so exhausted am I. Even now, sitting in bed, listening to Easton, the pup, chew to his heart’s content on his new rawhide (thanks allison!), I can barely keep my eyes open.

and i’ve already braved a day back at work. work.

i wrote a post today that i might submit tomorrow. i read and re-read it all day, wondering if it was too bleak for the holidays, too dramatic for someone with a job when many have none. i worried that it might appear as though i don’t appreciate what i have or that i am bad-mouthing a perfectly fantastic organization. im still nervous now, just talking about it.

i hope its none of the above. i hope that maybe it conveys the same feelings others may feel about life sometimes. i hope that i have the balls to hit the “publish” button tomorrow.

December 24, 2009

sleepy shirt

remember when you used to wear your dad's old shirts to sleep? all oversized and extra comfy...

this picture will never cease to make me laugh

December 23, 2009

December 21, 2009

egg sauce chun and daemons

today's month and day is a palindrome. i like palindromes, they're neat and tidy.
today is also a monday, a munday, a mundaaaayne. it's not so often that these days take a hold of me and dictate how i will feel but today has been rough, soo tired, egg sauce everywhere. and it's not because i had a rockin' weekend either.

i did, however, give blood on saturday morning which i could still be fatigued from, right? yeah, if i play my cards right, i can even get out of christmas festivities! "oh, i'm still so tired and light headed from giving blood...ouch, owww, ooo, eeek. i think i'll just stay home and rest. errrgghh" would play out something like that.

if i had my own daemon, i would send it in my place to work, to run errands, to socialize, to do just about everything.

speaking of daemons, i found this funny little test to find out what my daemon would be, ya know, if i were a character in The Golden Compass.
you did know what i was referring to, right?

turns out, the best candidates for me are: Jay, Terrier, Go-Away Bird, Turaco, Mockingbird, Amazon Parrot (yeah, that's an amazing parrot, not just any old average parrot) apparently, it's bird daemons for the "opinionated soul" ...that's what i am. the internet told me.

wait, is a terrier a bird or a dog?

December 17, 2009

potties and bandaids

first and foremost, to expound on my potty talk last post...i heard the first of these quandries on my way to work that day (talk radion rules!) and the second is something I seriously wonder about. (i alternate on the flap direction, if you're curious.) now, some may get a little squeamish with potty talk. myself, however, i looove to talk dirty, ha!, but seriously, i do. we all use the loo, we all know what happens in there, let's get rid of this taboo! (rhyming rules!)

now, on to more pressing issues. i went to the doctor the other day. AHHHH!

i have been informed that i 1. have high cholesterol - which i think was code for "you're fat, vicki" 2. am vitamin D deficient - which i took to mean that i should go the beach more, and 3. need to get a tetanus shot - which made me think of dirty, rusty nails, which in turn,  made me laugh

well, we addressed number 3 right away and i was a champ because i don't mind shots; i don't even mind needles. (insert crack cocaine joke here? psh, i don't even know if that makes any sense) but let me just say that i may have to change my mind now because MOMMY! MY ARM REALLY HUUUURTS!

i say! i keep looking for the huge bruise that must certainly be there, for the open sore that is bleeding and pussing, causing this unjust, violent reaction. but, no. there is no bruise, no blood, no scar even. only a two day old bandaid. i am a wuss.

on the brighter side, the first two diagnonsenses have inspired me to be healthy!! see, if the doc tells me to, i can, i can, i can! so, working out has commenced along with salads, fruits, veggies, brown rice
and lots of daily supplements. suppies?

onto the skinny, oh, i mean healthy, future i go! now, if this arm pain will just leave me be. hmfph.

December 15, 2009

the manner of the months

since the year is almost over and i'm constantly struggling to realize this fact, i am often referring to calendars. email calendars, iPhone calendars, wall calendars..etc.
when i don't have a calendar handy to snap me into reality, i use the one in my head. it looks like this:

january february march april may june july august september october november december

when december comes around, we're at the end of the line. we'll jump back to the front, the beginning, when january comes. and when it's june, we're in the middle of the linear year. (as i see it)

this makes me wonder how everyone else views the calendar in their it linear like mine? is it circular like a clock? vertical as a list might be?

maybe how you see the months says absolutely nothing about you or about how you think but it's still neat to wonder. to take note of that simple fact that what may be completely natural and normal for us might be unheard of for others. and since it's the season of giving, what better gift than perspective?

other comparison curiosities: do you stand or sit when you, ahem, wipe? do you place the toilet seat cover so that the flap folds towards you or away from you??

all very crucial topics. so, let's hear it. what is natural for you?


December 13, 2009

san francisco treats

most of us don't travel enough. and by us, i mean myself and the hank. so to rectify this abomination, i surprised him this weekend with a quick getaway to san francisco - a place to which he had never been. we flew out on saturday morning and got back this evening; it was practically perfect in every way.

and now, a telling of said trip by way of photographed moments...

can someone please fix the formatting so adding multiple pictures to a post doesn't make me want to start a new blog on wordpress???!!!!!! ahhhhhh!! it's amazing i have any hair left.

December 11, 2009

aaand the winner for best dressing rooms* is....

TJ effing Maxx. (to be specific, the one on 3355 Rosecrans St. in San Diego) and I know, who'd have thunk it!?! but ladies and gents, it's true and it took me completely by surprise. i was at lunch today, shoppin' (because why waste that time actually eating??)and discovered this lovely truth. and as a woman, i find the dressing room to be an extremely essential part of the purchasing process.

so surprised i was to find the most flattering backstage vanity lights lining the mirror, the cutest little red leathered ottoman on which to sit or place things AND a bazillion hooks. i cannot believe how few hooks you'll find in most dressing rooms...hello!? where am i supposed to hang my purse? how do i make a No section? where will i hang my clothes so they're not on the dirty floor!?!
thanks tj, for gettin' it right.

to reward the maxx, i bought 2 pairs of jeans and 2 jackets.

you're welcome.

*best in this caliber of store. i'm sure if i went to any store where i get champagne, their dressing room would inevitably take the prize. and why wouldn't it, really.

December 8, 2009

get jingy with it. ya'll.

i just discovered something so totally fabulous that i demand everyone get it NOW.

it's called Jing. At work, I've been plagued by the limits of Windows and it's lack of screen grab. At home,
Mac makes it very simple and lovely to grab any part of my screen to save as a jpg. and i love and use it often. but here, it's been mucho difficult. until today...thanks C!

now, i'm sure i'm not among the first to use Jing. heck, maybe it's officially old news but! since it's new to me,
it's gotta be new to others out there too! unite slow motioners! - go there and download it for free. you will be able to grab anything on your screen, save it, copy it, add fun little arrows, highlights, text to it. and then simply paste it into an email or add it to an artboard. i mean, really windows - why doesn't this come standard!? of course, you can download it for Mac too. and the fun little gadgets are not to be ignored, even on the more stacked mac.
stacked mac, holler.

to top the whole thing off, once downloaded, you'll see this lovely little bubble appear on your desktop. mine is at the top, center of my screen and so to me, it is the sun. shining it's facilitating light all over my work day. MmmMMM, it's warm in here.

enjoy!! disfruta!!

December 7, 2009

do you snapture?

the past weekend brought some fun stuff my way. wild animal park, first holiday party with my new workie peeps and the first of much christmas shopping. and how cold was it?!!? so great - it's finally winter in san diego and i couldn't be happier about it.

other new things to come into my life were the apps i bought for iPhone. Snapture and CameraBag - they both offer some neat features and while I'm still on the lookout for the ideal camera app - these are fun for now. check, check it out.


*heck yeah, those are gRaffs!!!

December 1, 2009

letra de belleza

Vondrous letter art.
    and look, it's a V...ya know, like my initial!

         ah, life.

oh, p.s. - december is here. what the whaaaat!?