November 4, 2009

to be or not be...employed.

california is currently tied with oregon for the highest unemployment rate in the country, around 12%.


luckily, this information helped me to feel a little less culpable during these last 5 months. you know, the duration of time that i was, ahem, unemployed.

i think it is safe to say that it usually goes: employed = good, unemployed = bad. and all but i have to say that i am officially “on the fence” about it.

the more we work, the more money we make, the more we buy, the more we have to work to make more money to buy more things. the more we work, the more we are away from our family, the more we think about being at home. hmmm.


the more we work, the more we accomplish, the more we feel happy and fulfilled. the more we work, the more money we make, the more we can save for...a rainy day, a vacation, retirement. the more we work...

whatever the consensus, i realize that work is a huge part of life and admittedly, i am overall happier when I’m working. And since I’ve just started a new job, I am indeed starting to feel like myself again. And I fear, dear reader, that you may have to endure a steadier flow of posts - if only because i actually leave my house on a daily basis. Who knew the outside world could inspire so much commentary??

...don’t worry easton, you are still my most important daily companion.

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