November 19, 2009


today i worked through most of the day before realizing I had missed lunch. so around 330 pm, i grabbed a kashi cereal bar that i bought on tuesday night for my wednesday work trip to phoenix. hello arizona!

i ate my little chocolate peanut cereal bar as i walked around the office complex. i watched the traffic go by on the 5 freeway. i waved to a guy in the office next door.

it wasn't much but it was enough to remind me that life is more than every day on the job. it’s more than my 2 hour round-trip commute. it’s more than what i do. because every day i’m faced with choices and i make them - and that fact alone is pretty neat.

today, that hard-as-a-rock kashi snack and the sunlight on the highway outside my office door made me smile.

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