November 24, 2009

birthdays, turkey and twilight

this week is crazeee!!....or foonglah (my latest learned chinese word! sheh sheh china!)
yesterday i worked all the day long and then drove straight to fuddruckers for some less than
satisfying food - but it was all worth it to wish mikey and trey happy birthdays. they're 11 years apart, exactly.
i love that age surrounded by both wisdom and whimsy. or not. i just like alliteration.

so back to foonglah. tonight i am going straight from work to buncoland to meet my lovely and
gorgeous bunco ladies for drinks, eats aaaaaand TWILIGHT!!! i admit, it is a little silly
that i love, love, love it so much. but i can't help myself. i was completely wrapped up in
edward and bella's relationship in the books and so watch the movies, i must. this second movie, New Moon,
is based on my least favorite book of the series - i skimmed through a lot because i am so clearly team edward.
jacob is cute and he really looks great in the film but it's just not meant to be for me, or for bella.

what, why are you making that face? these people are real, right? ...

after some twilight excitement tonight, i go home, to sleep, then right back to work tomorrow followed immediately
by another birthday dinner with my very best besties of all time, nicole and joanna. happy birthday coco! she's old now.
we usually celebrate with a delicious sushi dinner and since she just had little baby khloe - she is DYING for some raw fish.
it's time nicole, it's time.

luckily, after all the fun and fabulous mayhem that this week holds - including thanksgiving in LA with my dad - hank and
i get to relax all weekend at a friend's house. watching tv in their huge california
king bed, making coffee in their beautiful and new fancy, shmancy kitchen. and walking the dogs in what i hope to be perfect fall weather.

oh, but that's only after BLACK FRIDAY madness. we actually look forward to this each year.
we're slightly nuts and love a good sale. i'm not even kidding, i have to beg hank to stop once he
gets going. cannot wait! did you hear that macy's will have down comforters for only $19.99!?!?!?!
but step away from the shelf you, because those are mine.

happy thanksgiving reader(s). xoxo

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  1. yes it was a busy week... but the promise of a relaxing weekend is oh so good!