November 29, 2009

dog days

three days in and we’re home now.
easton and ace spent lots of time and love on each other - running outside, running inside, biting appendages, napping, sleeping, hugging, french kissing, french kissing, french that normal? those two swap spit more than any two i’ve ever seen.

if our dogs are gay, i hope they get married soon. mommy would be very proud.

we were also lucky enough to spend some time with carrie and kevin - two of my most favorite peeps. we did some bowling down at kearny (aka caaarney) mesa bowl, where i bowled a record 114 in the first game - breaking my wrist in the process. not really, but there was some residual pain the following day. hank, kevin and carrie all enjoy bowling very much. i’m not particularly a fan of the sport but i will endure it for those i love...

and for sparkly lights. fridays are a party down there at carney bowl. rainbow disco balls and everything. we made our way into the bar after our two hours were up. there was some major karaoke going on and it was a grand ole’ time but we knew it was time to leave once kevin blacked out. how did we know, you say?
he started imitating at top volume the awful, awful karaoke monkey that was on stage. when other people started watching him instead of the her, the fat lady had sung.

saturday was a glorious day of nothing. absolutely nothing. we watched about 10 movies, drank copious amounts of coffee and ate fantabulous sushi at edamami (my most recommended sushi joint in san diego) with mimi.

and as if all this was not enough, i came home to christmas decorations

AND a special delivery from greenwich, connecticut! lauren, i ADORE my gifts. once again, kat burki has brightened the day with the help of the lovely l. henry. how very generous, thoughtful, beautifully wrapped and pleasantly scented - a lavender sachet, candle and samples of the various scents from burki-town. thank you a million times.

reader, share the joy with me...

easton liked it too. and if i am reading him right, it looks like the next KB endeavor should treats?

i think it suits the brand.
adios november!

November 24, 2009

birthdays, turkey and twilight

this week is crazeee!!....or foonglah (my latest learned chinese word! sheh sheh china!)
yesterday i worked all the day long and then drove straight to fuddruckers for some less than
satisfying food - but it was all worth it to wish mikey and trey happy birthdays. they're 11 years apart, exactly.
i love that age surrounded by both wisdom and whimsy. or not. i just like alliteration.

so back to foonglah. tonight i am going straight from work to buncoland to meet my lovely and
gorgeous bunco ladies for drinks, eats aaaaaand TWILIGHT!!! i admit, it is a little silly
that i love, love, love it so much. but i can't help myself. i was completely wrapped up in
edward and bella's relationship in the books and so watch the movies, i must. this second movie, New Moon,
is based on my least favorite book of the series - i skimmed through a lot because i am so clearly team edward.
jacob is cute and he really looks great in the film but it's just not meant to be for me, or for bella.

what, why are you making that face? these people are real, right? ...

after some twilight excitement tonight, i go home, to sleep, then right back to work tomorrow followed immediately
by another birthday dinner with my very best besties of all time, nicole and joanna. happy birthday coco! she's old now.
we usually celebrate with a delicious sushi dinner and since she just had little baby khloe - she is DYING for some raw fish.
it's time nicole, it's time.

luckily, after all the fun and fabulous mayhem that this week holds - including thanksgiving in LA with my dad - hank and
i get to relax all weekend at a friend's house. watching tv in their huge california
king bed, making coffee in their beautiful and new fancy, shmancy kitchen. and walking the dogs in what i hope to be perfect fall weather.

oh, but that's only after BLACK FRIDAY madness. we actually look forward to this each year.
we're slightly nuts and love a good sale. i'm not even kidding, i have to beg hank to stop once he
gets going. cannot wait! did you hear that macy's will have down comforters for only $19.99!?!?!?!
but step away from the shelf you, because those are mine.

happy thanksgiving reader(s). xoxo

November 22, 2009

flickr and the v

ok flickr, i joined. is there some kind of welcoming party? present? branding tattoo???

check me out every once in a never know, you may be all up in that vickichristine photostream.

*hank loves a good team shirt. oh, and that's totally not me, the one with the tequila down her throat. ... ... ...

November 19, 2009


today i worked through most of the day before realizing I had missed lunch. so around 330 pm, i grabbed a kashi cereal bar that i bought on tuesday night for my wednesday work trip to phoenix. hello arizona!

i ate my little chocolate peanut cereal bar as i walked around the office complex. i watched the traffic go by on the 5 freeway. i waved to a guy in the office next door.

it wasn't much but it was enough to remind me that life is more than every day on the job. it’s more than my 2 hour round-trip commute. it’s more than what i do. because every day i’m faced with choices and i make them - and that fact alone is pretty neat.

today, that hard-as-a-rock kashi snack and the sunlight on the highway outside my office door made me smile.

November 4, 2009

maine on the braine

to be or not be...employed.

california is currently tied with oregon for the highest unemployment rate in the country, around 12%.


luckily, this information helped me to feel a little less culpable during these last 5 months. you know, the duration of time that i was, ahem, unemployed.

i think it is safe to say that it usually goes: employed = good, unemployed = bad. and all but i have to say that i am officially “on the fence” about it.

the more we work, the more money we make, the more we buy, the more we have to work to make more money to buy more things. the more we work, the more we are away from our family, the more we think about being at home. hmmm.


the more we work, the more we accomplish, the more we feel happy and fulfilled. the more we work, the more money we make, the more we can save for...a rainy day, a vacation, retirement. the more we work...

whatever the consensus, i realize that work is a huge part of life and admittedly, i am overall happier when I’m working. And since I’ve just started a new job, I am indeed starting to feel like myself again. And I fear, dear reader, that you may have to endure a steadier flow of posts - if only because i actually leave my house on a daily basis. Who knew the outside world could inspire so much commentary??

...don’t worry easton, you are still my most important daily companion.

November 2, 2009

drop caps and hearts.

Victoria and the hank. she fell in love and never looked back.
   because how could she possibly not look straight ahead, at that face.
       hank is code for heart, the heart that he has given and the heart that he holds.