September 28, 2009

it's vickie's vicstory

the title vicstory is no more, at least not on this shiny new macbook. if you love the name and cannot imagine your life without it, please refer here.

i found my name twin the other day and have been lying awake every night since trying to figure out what to dub this bloggy blog. today, in celebration of my impulsive ways, i've dressed it to match my URL. it may change tomorrow or the next day; it may not. but another hour as a sad name biter, i could not endure.

i realize it may seem a little dramatic to immediately want to dissociate myself with another of the same name but upon reading the OG vicstory i felt it was unavoidable. i’m happy for vickie and those that are interested in her medical progress. how great that they use the blog to keep all informed. i truly hope that she only feels better and better with each new day.

but, uh, vickie, i’m out.


  1. yeah. good call on the blog change. It's just sad that someone has been posting the same thing for the past 5 years.

  2. I really liked the old one but definitely a good call on letting it go. You can check the availability of usernames here I just found out there are a lot more Kylene's out there! :)