September 17, 2009

Happiness is a warm purchase

Today is September 17, 2009. I am setting up my brand new MacBook Pro. Love. I am in love with my new purchase. In. Love.

The only appropriate complement to my happy spending spree would be the perfect pair of boots. Original Hunter Wellington Boots in merlot, about which I received an email from Zappos today, telling me they are now available and ready for purchase. Only $115 and free shipping and those boots are mine in 3 days.

And I won’t be charging those. This baby, however, is a different story. I vow, vow, vow to make super amounts of extra payments to my credit card. I really should even forego eating because I’m pretty sure I can use the money I’d spend on food to pay for my new diet. MacBook meals. Meals of delicious iPhoto and Pages, of scrumptious iTunes and Photobooth; how undoubtedly fuller I will be!

And thinner too...Rachel Zoe, watch out.