September 28, 2009

easton bits

today, while running on the beach with my sister, i thought about how nice it would be to sit wrapped up in a warm towel on my mom's lap.
little did i know it would involve a photoshoot.

it's vickie's vicstory

the title vicstory is no more, at least not on this shiny new macbook. if you love the name and cannot imagine your life without it, please refer here.

i found my name twin the other day and have been lying awake every night since trying to figure out what to dub this bloggy blog. today, in celebration of my impulsive ways, i've dressed it to match my URL. it may change tomorrow or the next day; it may not. but another hour as a sad name biter, i could not endure.

i realize it may seem a little dramatic to immediately want to dissociate myself with another of the same name but upon reading the OG vicstory i felt it was unavoidable. i’m happy for vickie and those that are interested in her medical progress. how great that they use the blog to keep all informed. i truly hope that she only feels better and better with each new day.

but, uh, vickie, i’m out.

September 23, 2009

Kat Burki smells good.

I am in love with my latest find (thanks Lauren!) in lotions and potions. It is created by designer Kat Burki and comes in a darling wrapping AND right now, you can get some for free! Click here for more details

The image I have here, in my lovely new closet, complete with shelves (thanks Joe!) is of the sample size - before final logos and packaging were decided. But don’t let the simple labeling deceive you, the scent is just as good and clearly, Lavender is my choice among the options. Mmm.

I just recently noticed that they have Lavender sachets on the website too. You mean, all my clothes can smell just as nice!?! Sold.

September 21, 2009

September 17, 2009

Happiness is a warm purchase

Today is September 17, 2009. I am setting up my brand new MacBook Pro. Love. I am in love with my new purchase. In. Love.

The only appropriate complement to my happy spending spree would be the perfect pair of boots. Original Hunter Wellington Boots in merlot, about which I received an email from Zappos today, telling me they are now available and ready for purchase. Only $115 and free shipping and those boots are mine in 3 days.

And I won’t be charging those. This baby, however, is a different story. I vow, vow, vow to make super amounts of extra payments to my credit card. I really should even forego eating because I’m pretty sure I can use the money I’d spend on food to pay for my new diet. MacBook meals. Meals of delicious iPhoto and Pages, of scrumptious iTunes and Photobooth; how undoubtedly fuller I will be!

And thinner too...Rachel Zoe, watch out.

September 16, 2009

the passing of months

grief stole most of my july and all of my august this year.

i actually said yesterday, it's almost september though, right?
fresh start, coming right up...