June 9, 2009

the night before the madness

tomorrow i officially and ambitiously start my 10 day master cleanse. [detox, flush, call it what you will...] what with all the time unemployment has bestowed upon me, i figure the least i can do is try and perform experiments on my body. next up: working out more than once a month. ouch.

so i am drinking the first smooooth move tea, the gentle laxative tea, hmmm. gentle is a hopeful description and still remains to be seen. i have a very regular/constant flow of things and this may inspire a reenactment of a well known dumb and dumber scene though I hope to goodness that it doesn’t; i'm not ready to give up on this yet.

the tea is actually pretty delicious, similar to chamomile with some sweet and tangy love to boot. i can dig it.

it’s making me entirely sleepy. in related news, it is 12:20 in the am right now. okay, off to dreamville i go.

no pooping the bed, miss vicki.

1 comment:

  1. I hope your smooth moves are as lovely as your dance moves.

    I will be following this cleanse, do not spare any details!