June 19, 2009

Days 8, 9 and 10

Days 8 and 9 were probably the hardest days for me. I was craving everything in sight and was getting awfully tired of the lemonade. I kept thinking to myself: I’m sure 8 days is enough…I’m sure 9 days is enough.

Since we’re in the process of moving, most of our dishes are packed up and put away so Brian eats fast food each day, and I admit, I did lick one of his French fries from Carl’s Jr. the other day. I think my guilt caused me to immediately feel cramps in my tummy. So, I didn’t proceed to bite the little fry and kept on with my cleansing ways.

Day 10 was actually pretty easy. I knew it was the last day and I was pretty calm about the whole thing. Though I wasn’t sure what I’d do when I was supposed to start eating normally again. I’m a little nervous to go back to real food, ah. True to form, I drank ¾ of a gallon on my last day and finished strong.

Ten whole days without food and the results are in:

1. I lost 8 lbs. in 10 days on this master cleanse. Now if I can just keep those off!

2. I felt good throughout the process. I had lots of energy and felt lighter on my feet. I also noticed a big change in my skin. It is much softer and some have even said, “glowing.” (thanks mom)

3. The lemonade was pretty darn tasty (1 gallon of water, 8 oz. of grade B maple syrup, 8 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 tsp. of cayenne pepper – all this after removing 16 oz. for the morning saline flush) and I am actually craving it today.

4. The worst part: freshly squeezing lemons. I’m sure there are automatic juicers somewhere, though none live in my apartment. If you find one in your house, use it.

5. I've read a lot (and written a lot) about the poop situtation while on this cleanse and here are my thoughts. If you are one who is pretty regular, I don't think you'll have many problems/surprises during this process. I even think you can go to work and just use the restroom as you normally would, with just a hint of newly found urgency. If you are someone who is very irregular in this department, I have no idea how it will affect you. But heck, I'm sure you'll live.

6. Overall, it was a pretty easy process for me. I think this is attributed to the fact that I am not working and am at home for most of the day. Being able to control my environment was surely a helping factor in my success. But don’t let that be your excuse if you are working, just be ready for the challenge!
*my favorite part of this cleanse: it was the best excuse for any bad behavior. Most overused line of the week was "I haven't eaten for (5! 7! 10!) days!" This was assuredly and always followed by a sympathetic look and a hug. I love my people.

Now, off to the grocery store to buy some OJ and broth…and maybe a double bacon cheeseburger. Juuuust kidding.

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