June 13, 2009

Day 4

It was a day of trials.
The saline flush still didn’t do any damage and drinking the lemonade was a breeze. But this was the first day I took my drink on the road with me.

I had plans to take my father out to dinner (eek!). And I was following that visit with a BBQ and NHL finals at a friend’s house (double eek!).

I took my supplies with me along with my trusty Nalgene and went for it. At dinner, it wasn’t too bad. I talked and socialized as everyone ate the bread on the table, the dinner salads, the Italian trios slopped with meat sauce and cheese, extra cheese. And as I sat there, I drank my lemonade in complete contentment. I’ve always heard that going out with friends or family should be about the socializing and not about the food you’re eating and it’s very true indeed. First test, passed!

After dinner, I drove over to the BBQ. There, everyone was eating burgers, chicken wings, chips, salsa, guacamole (home made guacamole!!!) and drinking lots of beer. This was much more difficult to be around. We all have our favorite foods, I suppose.

I prevailed though and feel pretty good about knowing that I can continue this cleanse in scary and dangerous circumstances. (though, I won’t be going into any coldstone anytime soon, just to be safe)

I didn’t drink my tea at night because I was so tired. All in all, an excellent day of challenge and will power.

next up, the weekend...

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