June 26, 2009

adios apartment...

the hank and i just moved out of our lovely, lovely north park apartment. it was a sunny, spacious apartment complete with a view of kansas street, a walk-in closet, and an extremely loud, (albeit friendly)downstairs neighbor, who kept all visitors alert with her daily creep stare from the window and an abrupt "HI!" to anyone within 20 feet of her stuffed animals.

and while all those assets are priceless, the thing i will miss most is my bookshelf. my color coded, wonderfully organized and displayed bookshelf. when i grow up, i want to sleep in my library.

June 19, 2009

meet Easton Atticus

in order to best transition away from master cleanse blogs, please say hello to the newest member of our family...
Easton Atticus Henry

Days 8, 9 and 10

Days 8 and 9 were probably the hardest days for me. I was craving everything in sight and was getting awfully tired of the lemonade. I kept thinking to myself: I’m sure 8 days is enough…I’m sure 9 days is enough.

Since we’re in the process of moving, most of our dishes are packed up and put away so Brian eats fast food each day, and I admit, I did lick one of his French fries from Carl’s Jr. the other day. I think my guilt caused me to immediately feel cramps in my tummy. So, I didn’t proceed to bite the little fry and kept on with my cleansing ways.

Day 10 was actually pretty easy. I knew it was the last day and I was pretty calm about the whole thing. Though I wasn’t sure what I’d do when I was supposed to start eating normally again. I’m a little nervous to go back to real food, ah. True to form, I drank ¾ of a gallon on my last day and finished strong.

Ten whole days without food and the results are in:

1. I lost 8 lbs. in 10 days on this master cleanse. Now if I can just keep those off!

2. I felt good throughout the process. I had lots of energy and felt lighter on my feet. I also noticed a big change in my skin. It is much softer and some have even said, “glowing.” (thanks mom)

3. The lemonade was pretty darn tasty (1 gallon of water, 8 oz. of grade B maple syrup, 8 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 tsp. of cayenne pepper – all this after removing 16 oz. for the morning saline flush) and I am actually craving it today.

4. The worst part: freshly squeezing lemons. I’m sure there are automatic juicers somewhere, though none live in my apartment. If you find one in your house, use it.

5. I've read a lot (and written a lot) about the poop situtation while on this cleanse and here are my thoughts. If you are one who is pretty regular, I don't think you'll have many problems/surprises during this process. I even think you can go to work and just use the restroom as you normally would, with just a hint of newly found urgency. If you are someone who is very irregular in this department, I have no idea how it will affect you. But heck, I'm sure you'll live.

6. Overall, it was a pretty easy process for me. I think this is attributed to the fact that I am not working and am at home for most of the day. Being able to control my environment was surely a helping factor in my success. But don’t let that be your excuse if you are working, just be ready for the challenge!
*my favorite part of this cleanse: it was the best excuse for any bad behavior. Most overused line of the week was "I haven't eaten for (5! 7! 10!) days!" This was assuredly and always followed by a sympathetic look and a hug. I love my people.

Now, off to the grocery store to buy some OJ and broth…and maybe a double bacon cheeseburger. Juuuust kidding.

June 16, 2009

Day 7

I didn’t drink my tea last night, again. I don’t really think it does much to me and since I’ve been so ready for bed lately, I’d rather skip it than take the time to make it for no reason.

I did have the saline flush (which is just 16 oz. of warm water and 1 tsp. of sea salt) and it did its job. Still, nothing too abominable to mention – so many of the other accounts of this process made me think I was going to see some really stellar stuff but to date, nothin’. psh.

I drank the normal amount of lemonade and weighed myself in at 7 lbs. lighter today. Not too shabby.

I did, for the first time, feel some cramping and some dire hunger pangs this evening. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

June 15, 2009

Days 5 and 6: The Weekend

Again, I was surrounded by glorious food all weekend. I didn’t eat and I drank lots of lemonade. No shit storms, all good.

One noticeable effect of this cleanse: lots of energy! I am shocked that I’ve been able to do so much and feel so good. Not once have I felt nauseous or light-headed, and I usually feel those things when I’m eating actual food. I feel awake, alive and much lighter on my feet. Yippee!

June 13, 2009

Day 4

It was a day of trials.
The saline flush still didn’t do any damage and drinking the lemonade was a breeze. But this was the first day I took my drink on the road with me.

I had plans to take my father out to dinner (eek!). And I was following that visit with a BBQ and NHL finals at a friend’s house (double eek!).

I took my supplies with me along with my trusty Nalgene and went for it. At dinner, it wasn’t too bad. I talked and socialized as everyone ate the bread on the table, the dinner salads, the Italian trios slopped with meat sauce and cheese, extra cheese. And as I sat there, I drank my lemonade in complete contentment. I’ve always heard that going out with friends or family should be about the socializing and not about the food you’re eating and it’s very true indeed. First test, passed!

After dinner, I drove over to the BBQ. There, everyone was eating burgers, chicken wings, chips, salsa, guacamole (home made guacamole!!!) and drinking lots of beer. This was much more difficult to be around. We all have our favorite foods, I suppose.

I prevailed though and feel pretty good about knowing that I can continue this cleanse in scary and dangerous circumstances. (though, I won’t be going into any coldstone anytime soon, just to be safe)

I didn’t drink my tea at night because I was so tired. All in all, an excellent day of challenge and will power.

next up, the weekend...

June 10, 2009

Day 2

I don’t have much to report today. The saline flush didn’t work as well as yesterday so nothing too eventful in that arena. I drank about the same amount of lemonade as yesterday and still wanted food – though it wasn’t exceedingly difficult to abstain. Thai food was my craving of the day, mmm.

About to drink my tea and pass the f out…until tomorrow.

*mims, totally right on the lemon squeezing front. i do not look forward to round 3 tomorrow...my hands are starting to look like yours. heyo.

June 9, 2009

Day 1

8:45am: Freshly squeezing lemons is hard work on my hand held citrus juicer. Used 6 lemons to get 8 oz. of juice, psh. While that concoction waits, I am drinking my saline flush…yet, another scary phrase. Though gentle proved to be true! no disasters to tell, hooray.

Sheesh, this is salty.

12:45pm: So the saline flush worked and it was nice to feel good and emptied. I waited until I was hungry to start drinking the lemonade mix. I was worried that I would hate the taste but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how satisfying it is. The lemons are the first thing to satisfy, especially with the scent and then the syrup gives a little sweetness to the flavor and the last impression is from the cayenne pepper, which is very peppery and fulfilling. Success!

I’m not feeling deprived at all and am looking forward to finishing the gallon today.

2pm: egg-sauce-TED. nap time!

4pm: Hungry and want food. I can’t really watch TV for fear of a delicious looking commercial coming on and forcing me into my fridge for the first thing I can find. I am drinking as much as I can to keep my mind and body satiated.

5:40pm: I want fish tacos.

8:30pm: why did I think I could drink a gallon of liquid all in one day?! What if I don’t finish? Will I be breaking some rule and ruining my detoxification, will I be toxified? gulp, gulp, gulp

11:30pm: drinking my smooth tea before bed and am so ready to sleep. I drank about 2/3 - 3/4 of the gallon I was supposed to finish. I’ll keep that in mind for tomorrow and try to consume a whole day’s worth. But I think an entire day with no food and no real thoughts of cheating is super fantastic! And to top it off, this tea is a glorious way to end the night, its sooo yummy.


the night before the madness

tomorrow i officially and ambitiously start my 10 day master cleanse. [detox, flush, call it what you will...] what with all the time unemployment has bestowed upon me, i figure the least i can do is try and perform experiments on my body. next up: working out more than once a month. ouch.

so i am drinking the first smooooth move tea, the gentle laxative tea, hmmm. gentle is a hopeful description and still remains to be seen. i have a very regular/constant flow of things and this may inspire a reenactment of a well known dumb and dumber scene though I hope to goodness that it doesn’t; i'm not ready to give up on this yet.

the tea is actually pretty delicious, similar to chamomile with some sweet and tangy love to boot. i can dig it.

it’s making me entirely sleepy. in related news, it is 12:20 in the am right now. okay, off to dreamville i go.

no pooping the bed, miss vicki.