April 16, 2009

que cambia, cambia

i have always been an advocate for change, even in the smallest ways. and if you didn't already know that about me, ask a few of my many, many employers. change is good, even if not until much time has passed, it is ultimately good. great, even.

and so here i am again, yearning for change. for something i can control. control and change so that i am satisfied...a new tattoo perhaps, a new haircut, a new job, a pet, a new nail polish color???

surely, whichever i happen to choose, in some random moment of impulsiveness, (as is usually the case) will suffice for only a short time. i will inevitably need more. more change to slowly shoot into my veins, to drink down and fill me up.

is there ever such a thing as a full tank? for me, dare i say, no.

the good news, the fuel of change is all around and opportunity is ubiquitous.

...maybe i'll slap a new sticker on my car.

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