April 29, 2009

men are weird

we got a new tv yesterday.
it's large - 50 inches large.

i couldn't wait to get home and watch my recorded medium on it and then biggest loser afterwards. instead i had to go shopping for a new top to wear on thursday (my band has a show on thurday - it requires that i get a new shirt) so i went home, threw on a warmer jacket and drove down to the mall. i finally found the right top at anthropolgie, (of course i would find it there) paid a lot of money and left. almost to my car and hank calls needing a ride home from taco tuesday (i don't go to taco tuesdays) so instead of heading straight home, i head to the beach, where there is traffic and drunk people. i pick his ass up, literally off the side of street, and drive home. well, now its 8:30 and i haven't eaten dinner and i'm starving. i am currently counting all calories i consume (i can't afford to buy a new wardrobe) and so i can only go places where nutrition facts are listed. we end up at taco bell, where i stare at the calorie chart for 25 minutes, realizing that i shouldn't be eating at taco bell, ever. i get two items that will suffice and head home.

at this point, ALL i want to do is eat my yummy smelling food, sit on the couch and watch medium.

why is it that we have been able to watch tv perfectly fine on my old 27 inch for years and now, when all i want is to be distracted, does my male counterpart get obsessed with the color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness settings??!!

it took all i had not to kill him.

don't worry, he's still alive and living in san diego.

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