November 14, 2008

me, to date.

ah, my most recent life and all that fills it.

to name a few...
president-elect obama (um, yeah. we did.)
npr (thank you fm radio and to carrie d.)
rachel maddow (she's got a point)
keith olbermann (special comment anyone?)
anderson cooper
anderson cooper
anderson cooper (mmmm)
and most recently...
top chef. thank you nov. 12th.

truly, this time is a good time.

makes me want to sing. and i do. now if i can just get my piano and some guitar lessons. preferably by an inspired me.

and music, you ask? wellllll...

brett dennen
julieta venegas
my morning jacket
the weepies
vanessa carlton (always)
jessie baylin
the dead
and way too many itunes purchases.
...much due to gerbtastic. spectacular music man that he is.

oh look, there's a glass of wine in front of me. guess that's the bell.